3 Months and counting

A few days ago I was doing a quick calculation to see how many persons had actually visited Momed. Since our opening on average we have served about 250 hungry/thirsty souls a day, multiply this by the 100 days that we had been open then and you get an astonishing 25,000 people!

One of the benefits of this business is the opportunity to meet people, many of them, and over the last few months I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people from all facets of life and space. What has been surprising is the number of them who have gone out of their way to seek me out and tell me about their experience at Momed. The graciousness, the good will and the encouragement has been beyond my wildest expectations.

Here I want to thank all our patrons, all 25,000 including the few who left not so happy, for taking a chance on a new place with a funny name. Your passion for good food has been a validation for us and what we do at Momed and has without a doubt made us immeasurably, a better place.

Looking forward to the next 25,000!

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Greetings from Momed

There is a beginning point to everything and I guess this is it for Momed (and me) to join the many voices that are part of  the online community. I am hoping to use this forum to build a super group of friends interested in Momed and all that it aspires to be and stand for. Please join me in our blog with your comments, observations, experiences and anything else that you may think pertinent. I will be eagerly looking forward to all your posts. 


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